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What a great job! You are truly a master at this. ~Ed R

I received the DVDS back and I want to say thank you for the fast turn around and they are great. ~Kenton

Bob Restored my old 8mm & 16mm films, i could not be more pleased. ~Jason

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Some of our customers restored Films have been shown on The History Channel!


"Restoration of 16mm never seen before N.A.S.A. footage." (circa 1960's 1970's)


Louisiana Secretary of State
"Restoration and Archiving of 300,000 feet of 16mm film." (circa 1960's 1970's)


Historical Footage
"16mm / 8mm WWII, Korea, Vietnam restored footage for Cable TV Documentaries ."


Client Testimonials
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Hi Bob

What a great job! You are truly a master at this. I can't wait to send off more films to you. Love the music. Love the sound effects. You did a great job of making the films clear, clean and colorful. Thanks!

Now just trying to figure out which ones to send next.

You truly are the best at what you do.
Thanks, Ed R

Master Computer Video


First let me thank you for the quick response. Second, you have no idea how seeing my husband on the video affected me. I can’t stop crying for the loss of my partner, my soul mate, my life. I received the package yesterday and haven’t stopped crying.

I could not have asked for better service or quality of the DVD. I will cherish it for the rest of my life.

Thank you so very much,
Carol Podany

Master Computer Video

Hi Bob.

I just wanted to let you know how much I love the work you did on our family films. The music is great and adds a really lovely dimension to them. I can't wait to get to Florida to share them with my 89 year old parents!

Thanks Again.

Master Computer Video

Thanks, Bob!

My family loved the reels you’ve done so far. You do great work.


Master Computer Video


I received the DVD copies of our Super 8 Film last night, The images were great and the musical selection was well done. Once again many thanks.


Master Computer Video


I received the DVDS back and I want to say thank you for the fast turn around and they are great. I have some more to send to you in the next few days.


Master Computer Video

Looked all over the country for a company to Archive our inventory of 16mm Historic films from the 1920's to 1950's. We had approx. 300,000 feet that we needed on a computer file. Master Computer Video productions did a great job. It's a specialized field and only found in Burbank CA. ( Hollywood Studios) we start with one reel to see what it was going to look like. Their website was informative showing what a straight transfer looks like compared to Film restoration.. it what we were looking for.

Ira Goldman

Master Computer Video

My wife took my 60 year old 8mm films to Costco to get transferred to DVD.. i just about had a fit ! they were sent off from that location across the US to California.. it took 8 weeks to get back. the quality ..there was none ! it was a joke.. a flickering out of focus keystone cop off color mess with awful elevator background music.

My wife was thinking that it's all the same so she went cheap. I found Master Computer & video site and the demo videos showed me what i already had done. in the before & after video it showed other company's work compared to what Bob does. he redo's this all the time for people that had it done by another company and were not at all happy with the results.

After ONLY ONE week a got my films back on 5 DVD's not just one and also came on a hard drive in a .avi computer file so i can edit it, upload it to YouTube or re-edit it . it was beautiful colors, clear, not jumping or flickering.. it was like watching the history channel.

you get what you pay for.. best money spent. now i can give this to my family to be enjoyed years to come. great job, highly recommended

Bill L

Master Computer Video

I had my films redone by Bob and it is light years ahead of what i had done in the past. I gave him permission to post a video showing the work i had done by another company that i was not at all happy with the results. old film like mine from 1950's,need to be restored first and not just a straight transfer. i recommend this company highly !

Master Computer Video

I searched and tried 3 other transfer companies to get my 8mm family films from the 1940's to 1950's. the work form these other company's was terrible. I contacted Bob @ Master Computer & video and he direct me in the right direction.

First my big mistake was shopping by price.. I was thinking the work was all the same so i will get the cheapest thing.. WRONG.. on the first phone call I asked "how much do you charge" Bob's response was "what do you want your films to look like ? you already had it done 2 or 3 times and you were not happy, now it's time to get it done right".

so he had me go to his site to view the comparison demo video showing other company's work compared to what he does. He said he re-does jobs like the one i have, several times a week, from all over the country.

I sent my films to him and i was amazed that it only took 1 week not 8 weeks like before. and the quality was monumental difference, colors were corrected focus was clear film speed was normal not sped up like before.. everything was so much better. It came on 5 DVD's not just one and also came with a Computer file on a Hard Drive.. really cool.

He's right .. you do get what you pay for! i recommend him to do the other side of my family's films. Bob's one of those middle aged "artist" types so.. deal with it. Now my films are a Family treasure to hand down from generation to generation !

Master Computer Video

New York
February 6, 2013

Bob Restored my old 8mm & 16mm films, i could not be more pleased. the enhancement was great the music was great the whole family was in tears, this is a family treasure.

Master Computer Video

I highly recommend having Master Computer & Video convert your home movies into DVD's. Bob did a fantastic job with the many reels of my family's home movies. I was nervous sending them, not knowing if what I read on the website would be true. It certainly is true! The adding of titles, music, sound effects, and sharpening the picture really makes a difference. When dealing with Bob, I could tell he takes his work seriously. That's what you want when someone is handling your family home movies.

My family loves what Bob did to our movies, and you will too.

Paul M

Master Computer Video

I sent in an assortment of old films that had seen better days. They came out better than when we used to show them on the projector. The background music and subtle sound effects really added to the viewing experience.

Bob is the best at what he does.

I have lots of old family movies that need to be transferred to DVD and would not think of going to anyone else. The price is fair and the work is top-notch.

Pete's "bedside manner" on the phone leaves little to be desired but you need to work past that. He's the best at what he does and he knows it. Think of him as an eccentric artist. Great work. You will be amazed. I'm sending mine in in batches to fit my budget. He is very willing to accommodate that. Try him once and you won't be tempted to go anywhere else.

Bob C.

Master Computer Video



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