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What a great job! You are truly a master at this. ~Ed R

I received the DVDS back and I want to say thank you for the fast turn around and they are great. ~Kenton

Bob Restored my old 8mm & 16mm films, i could not be more pleased. ~Jason

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Please view my comparison videos before e-mailing, NO EXCEPTIONS. VIEW ON P.C. NOT AN I-PHONE OR HAND HELD.





Silent 8mm/16mm Film Scoring


Many of the "Other Guy's" will offer "Background Music", what we like to call Elevator Music, over your Silent Films.

Not only do we Computer Enhance Image, but also Score "Edit" Music Per Given Scene of Film Footage.  For Example: Christmas Music with Christmas Film Footage and Birthday Music with Birthday Film Footage. To see demo click here.

You may say to your self that you don't want Music.  That's OK because it is free with your order along with 5 free Playable DVD's for you and your family members. Large orders...more are available, just ask.

Also offered for free are your films in a Computer File (.avi for PC .mov for Apple), on DVD or on hard drive (free Hard Drive with Large orders) for the do-it-your-self editor. It is the best way to save your family or Historical films for Archiving and or future projects.

We also keep a copy of a Playable DVD here at the office in a Fireproof Storage for safe keeping in the event you need extra copies in the future.

No additional Charges for: Titles, Custom Printed DVD's, Editing Scenes, Scoring, Digital Enhancements, Color Correction.

No additional Charges for: Films that have audio track (Optical or Magnetic).

No additional Charges for: Audio enhancment of sound with film.

No additional Charges for: 16:9 Widescreen & Dolby Surround Sound.

Comparison Videos - Showing With and Without Scoring and Image Restoration.

I Offer a 100% money back guaranteed that I can restore your films to look and sound better than any other company in the World!

More than half my Business is redoing other companies work, General public & TV/Broadcast, all over the world for 25 years, and I can show you in the video comparison examples links below.

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1950's Dance Comparison
Video Scoring
Airport Comparison
Video Scoring
Birthday Comparison
Video Scoring
Vacation Comparison
Video Scoring

Be advised that a PRICE sheet is not going to be of help if you have not yet viewed a company's work which is associated with the price.

Please view my comparison videos above before e-mailing or calling our office, NO EXCEPTIONS. VIEW ON P.C. NOT AN I-PHONE OR HAND HELD DEVICE.


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Film, Video & Audio Mastering
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